Those for whom we have the pleasure to work:


The specialists from Topolski Group proved to be extremely competent and professional. They quickly understood our needs and offered effective solutions, contributing to our success.

Aleksander Buchacz

Company Director

The services we used were extremely professional and tailored to our individual needs. The specialists from Topolski Group demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and proposed solutions custom-made for us.

Grzegorz Kordeczka

Company Director


They are always available and ready to help. They respond quickly to our inquiries and strive to both solve problems and prevent the next ones.

Marcin Makowski


The Topolski Group team demonstrates a deep understanding of how businesses operate. They support my activities in legal, tax, and business matters.

Mateusz Gileta



As someone who has done business around the world and used legal services in the UK, US and Europe. I can confidently say this firm is by far the best. Simply outstanding customer service, and for me, their ability to break down complex legal topics into easily understandable information is worth it’s weight in gold. All of their lawyers are highly knowledgeable and go the extra mile with passion and commitment. Honestly it seems there is no problem they can’t resolve or challenge they can’t overcome. I would recommend them to anyone who needs professional, comprehensive legal assistance.

Pete Dunn

Company Director


One of the most impressive features of the Topolski Group is the way they explain the intricacies of the law. I often faced difficulties in understanding specific regulations, but thanks to this legal group, those difficulties were resolved. They presented my situation and possible solutions in an accessible way, using clear and understandable language. My experiences are always extremely positive, and I will recommend this law firm to anyone seeking high-quality legal services.

Anila Peter



I am an extremely satisfied client of Topolski Group. The high level of professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of the team, my cases are always resolved effectively and efficiently. Additionally, the pleasant atmosphere and individual approach make me feel truly noticed and valued as a client.

Beata Bulczak



We appreciate the high quality of services we receive. Topolski Group not only provides us with standard services but also demonstrates an innovative approach, adapting to our specific needs.

Aleksander Waszak



Topolski Group cares for its clients, ensuring they receive high-quality service. Their approach is professional, courteous, and friendly. I always feel valued as a client and am confident that my matters are treated with the utmost attention and care. As an entrepreneur who spends a lot of time abroad, it is a great solution that the lawyers use modern communication tools that facilitate contact between lawyers and clients. Whether it's video conferences, emails, or other platforms, I always feel close to the team of lawyers, even if I'm not physically present at the office. This makes the communication process convenient and efficient for me.

Tomasz Stefaniak

Company Director

I am a very satisfied client of Topolski Group. The professionalism and effectiveness of their services are extremely impressive. The team of specialists proved to be not only well-prepared but also very caring and always ready to answer my questions and clarify any doubts. Thanks to the support I received, my matters are effectively resolved, and I feel confident and calm, knowing that I have such a competent team by my side.

Osman Hraish

Company Director


I'm pleasantly surprised by Topolski Group's approach to modernity and their familiarity with new technologies, which distinctly sets them apart in the legal services sector. They utilize cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure comprehensive and efficient service to their clients. From the start of our collaboration, I noticed that they use advanced legal software, allowing them effective organization and management.

Moreover, Topolski Group fully understands the significance of new technologies in today's world. Their experts are well-versed in the latest trends and innovations, which reflects in their professional practice. Their ability to harness new technologies for case precedent research, data analysis, and legal studies results in more accurate and comprehensive legal advice.

Bartosz Baziński

Company Director

What I appreciate about Topolski Group is their professionalism and dedication. The specialists are highly competent and always ready to assist. They demonstrate deep knowledge and experience in their field, which enables them to effectively represent my interests. Moreover, I can always rely on them when I need a quick response or legal advice.

Jarosław Buciak

Company Director


And many others.