Compliance Procedures

With a profound understanding of regulations and ever-evolving business landscapes, we assist our clients in identifying potential threats and crafting effective risk management strategies.

We represent clients in disputes related to compliance procedures, leveraging our legal knowledge and business experience to help them meet all legal requirements. Our team consistently monitors changing regulations and standards, providing current and practical advice.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of regulatory breaches and the consequences associated with non-compliance.

  • Compliance Audit: We conduct thorough compliance audits, including areas such as data protection, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, competition law, and more. We evaluate whether our client’s actions align with prevailing laws and standards.
  • Procedure Development: We assist clients in crafting and implementing compliance procedures tailored to their operations and industry specifics. We create codes of conduct, anti-corruption policies, anti-money laundering programs, and other documents governing business conduct.
  • Training and Education: We organize training sessions for our client’s employees, raising their awareness about compliance principles and applicable regulations. We provide insights into the risks and consequences of improper conduct, and instruct on adhering to compliance procedures and policies.
  • Monitoring and Internal Auditing: We offer monitoring and internal auditing services, involving regular checks of our client’s adherence to compliance procedures. We assess the effectiveness of compliance efforts, identify potential areas of risk, and ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Incident Response: We support clients in responding to incidents related to non-compliance, breaches of compliance standards, or legal violations. We assist in developing corrective action plans, conducting disciplinary proceedings, and managing crisis situations.