Internal Compliance Control

We specialize in matters related to internal compliance control. Our services encompass advisory and representation in disputes arising from discrepancies between internal procedures and applicable regulations.

With our deep expertise in domestic and international law, we are able to provide our clients not only with support during disputes but also with effective strategies for the future.

Our team of experts assists in the development and implementation of efficient compliance control procedures, which will minimize the risk of discrepancies and allow a focus on achieving business objectives. We emphasize communication, transparency, and integrity to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

  • Risk Assessment and Audit: We perform risk assessments related to our clients’ adherence to legal regulations and internal norms. We conduct compliance audits, analyzing processes, policies, procedures, and control systems to identify potential gaps and irregularities.
  • Design and Implementation of Control Systems: We assist clients in designing and implementing effective compliance control systems that cater to their specific needs and risks. We develop policies, procedures, reporting systems, and other tools that support internal compliance control.
  • Employee Training: We organize training sessions for clients’ employees, enhancing their awareness about the significance and role of internal compliance control. We educate them on adhering to policies and procedures, recognizing irregularities, and reporting incidents.
  • Monitoring and Effectiveness Evaluation: We provide monitoring and effectiveness evaluation services for clients’ compliance control systems. We conduct regular reviews, analyze results, identify areas requiring improvements, and offer advice on implementing appropriate changes and enhancements.
  • Consultation and Support: We offer comprehensive consultation and support to clients concerning internal compliance control. We provide expert assistance in problem-solving, interpretation of legal regulations, and the implementation of best practices related to compliance control.