Wealth Management

We understand the crucial importance of effective asset management in preserving and enhancing wealth. We offer comprehensive legal, financial, and tax advisory tailored to the individual needs and goals of our Clients.

All of this is aimed at ensuring optimal asset management and safeguarding against potential risks. Our team of experienced lawyers and financial advisors assists in succession planning, asset structuring, investments, as well as tax matters.

We provide services for both individuals and business entities, including foundations and trusts, with the goal of ensuring efficient and secure wealth management.

  • Financial planning: We assist clients in developing personalized financial plans, considering their goals, risk tolerance, long-term investment strategies, and financial needs. We analyze investment portfolios and provide recommendations for optimizing asset management.
  • Investments: We offer investment services, helping clients select the best investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, investment funds, and more. We advise on portfolio diversification, risk analysis, and investment returns optimization.
  • Succession planning and asset protection: We assist clients in succession planning and asset protection, ensuring the transfer of wealth to future generations according to their intentions. We provide guidance on legal structures, foundations, insurance, and other asset protection instruments.
  • Real estate management: We provide comprehensive real estate management services, including leasing, legal and administrative support, cost management, lease agreement negotiations, financial settlements, and other aspects of property management.
  • Tax advisory and tax planning: We offer clients tax advisory related to asset management, assisting in minimizing tax burdens and law-abiding tax planning. We analyze tax structures and propose optimal tax solutions.