Commercial Agreements

Our legal group offers comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial law. We support clients at every stage of their business operations, starting from selecting the legal form, providing legal assistance for ongoing matters, and representing them in commercial disputes.

Our team of experienced lawyers advises on commercial contracts, company law, competition law, intellectual property protection, and other aspects of commercial law.

With a deep understanding of the market in which our clients operate, we are able to provide practical and effective solutions. Our aim is always to optimize legal risk and maximize business benefits for our clients.

  • Preparation of commercial contracts: We draft various types of commercial contracts, such as sales agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, commercial cooperation agreements, and more. Our contracts are tailored to the individual needs of the client and compliant with applicable laws.
  • Negotiation of commercial contracts: We represent clients in the process of negotiating commercial contracts, assisting in achieving favorable contractual terms and resolving disputes. Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in commercial negotiations.
  • Analysis of commercial contracts: We conduct analysis of commercial contracts, assessing their compliance with legal regulations, identifying risks, and proposing appropriate amendments or contractual additions to protect the client’s interests.
  • International agreements: We specialize in drafting internationally-oriented commercial agreements, providing clients with support in international trade regulations, international contract law, and cultural aspects.
  • Representation in contractual disputes: We represent clients in disputes related to commercial contracts, whether before courts, arbitrators, or in mediation processes. Our aim is to efficiently resolve disputes in a manner aligned with the client’s interests.