We support businesses at every stage of the expansion process into foreign markets – from strategic consulting, through assistance in creating business structures, to operational support after entering a new market. We understand the legal challenges that may arise in the internationalization process, such as issues of legal regulations, international agreements, or intellectual property protection.

Our team consists of experienced lawyers who have worked with clients operating in various jurisdictions. We provide practical and effective solutions that help our clients effectively conduct business on the international stage. We guarantee professionalism, dedication, and a thorough understanding of the specifics of each case, delivering top-quality legal assistance in the field of internationalization.

  • Legal advisory for international expansion: We provide clients with professional legal and business advice regarding international expansion, analyzing legal regulations, tax requirements, and trade regulations to support clients in the internationalization process.
  • Registration of foreign companies: We assist clients in the process of registering foreign companies, offering comprehensive advice on selecting legal structures, handling registration formalities, and adhering to applicable regulations.
  • Legal aspects of international agreements: We advise clients on the negotiation, drafting, and interpretation of international agreements, such as distribution agreements, licensing agreements, agency agreements, and international cooperation agreements.
  • Protection of intellectual property in foreign markets: We help clients protect their intellectual property rights in foreign markets, including trademark registration, patents, and industrial design registration, as well as conducting actions to counter infringements.
  • Support in international legal disputes: We offer the assistance of lawyers specialized in international legal disputes, representing clients in foreign courts, international arbitrations, and other dispute resolution institutions, aiming to achieve favorable resolutions.