Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Finance

Our legal group offers comprehensive legal services in the field of mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance. We provide a full range of advisory services, starting from strategic analysis, through negotiations and transaction structuring, to finalization.

We support both domestic and international entities across various sectors of the economy. Our team consists of experienced lawyers who combine legal knowledge with business experience, enabling us to effectively manage the most complex transactions. We represent clients in negotiation stages, during due diligence processes, and also in proceedings before regulatory bodies.

Our goal is to ensure our clients the secure, effective, and efficient execution of their business strategies. We guarantee professionalism, dedication, and a deep understanding of the specifics of each case, delivering the highest quality legal services in the field of mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance.

  • Due Diligence: We conduct comprehensive legal and financial analysis of companies within merger and acquisition processes, identifying risks, analyzing legal and financial documentation, and providing reports with examination results.
  • Transaction Structuring: We advise clients on structuring merger and acquisition transactions, including establishing the business model, asset allocation, negotiating transaction terms, and preparing agreements.
  • Negotiations and Transaction Documentation: We represent clients in the negotiation process of merger and acquisition agreements and prepare comprehensive transaction documentation, including sales agreements, cooperation agreements, and warranty agreements.
  • Transaction Financing: We provide advice on financing merger and acquisition transactions, such as obtaining loans, issuing bonds, attracting investors, and financial restructuring, ensuring clients receive support in securing appropriate financial resources.
  • Post-Transaction Integration: We assist clients in the integration process following a completed merger or acquisition, supporting in aligning actions, managing changes, organizational restructuring, and legally adapting the company to the new structure.