White-collar crimes

We possess extensive experience in the field of economic crimes, providing comprehensive legal services in this domain. We handle both representing clients suspected of committing economic crimes and assisting victims affected by such actions. Our team of specialists is well-versed in the laws governing economic criminal offenses and the practical methods of prosecuting such crimes.

We offer advice on defense strategies, representing clients at every stage of proceedings, both during investigations and in court. Our focus is on minimizing risk for the client and safeguarding their reputation.

For clients who have been victimized by economic crimes, our aim is to expedite the process of asserting claims as swiftly and effectively as possible.

  • Investigation and Prosecution of Economic Crimes: We provide comprehensive legal support for investigating and prosecuting economic crimes. Our team of specialists analyzes evidence, prepares procedural documentation, represents clients before law enforcement agencies and courts, and offers assistance throughout the criminal proceedings.
  • Legal Audit: We conduct legal audits to identify potential violations of economic regulations and uncover irregularities in business operations. Our audits involve analyzing documents, procedures, and business practices, as well as evaluating compliance with legal regulations. Based on audit results, we formulate recommendations and corrective action plans.
  • Legal Compliance Advisory: We offer legal advice on creating and implementing compliance systems aimed at preventing economic crimes within organizations. We assist in developing and evaluating policies, procedures, and control mechanisms to ensure compliance with legal regulations and minimize the risk of crimes.
  • Representation in Administrative Proceedings: We provide legal representation in administrative proceedings related to economic crimes. We assist in preparing appeals, complaints, and other procedural documents, and represent clients before administrative bodies such as the Competition and Consumer Protection Office, the Trade Inspection, or other relevant institutions.