Agreements in Sports and Entertainment Industry

We specialize in contracts within the sports and entertainment industry. Our practice encompasses both negotiating and drafting agreements for athletes, clubs, leagues, agents, artists, producers, distributors, and other professionals in these dynamic sectors.

We possess in-depth knowledge of unique legal issues that often arise in these contracts, such as image rights, licenses, sponsorships, broadcasting rights, and many others. Our goal is to provide our clients with legal support that safeguards their interests, maximizes their profits, and minimizes risks.

Our approach is always individualized, meticulously tailored to the client’s specifics and their field of operation.

  • Sponsorship Agreements: We prepare sponsorship agreements for clients in the sports and entertainment industry. We assist in negotiating contract terms, protecting client interests, and safeguarding intellectual property rights. We provide comprehensive contract analysis and represent clients in case of disputes.
  • Advertising Contracts: We offer guidance on advertising contracts involving collaborations with influencers, celebrities, sports teams, and other partners within the sports and entertainment sectors. We draft agreements defining the rights, obligations, financial terms, and promotional aspects.
  • Transfer Agreements: We represent athletes, sports clubs, and agencies in matters related to transfer agreements. We assist in negotiations, prepare and analyze transfer contracts, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected and compliance with sports law regulations.
  • Concert and Artistic Agreements: We specialize in drafting concert and artistic agreements for clients in the entertainment industry. We advise on copyright, compensation, schedules, and other aspects related to organizing concerts and artistic performances.
  • Licensing Agreements: We provide support in licensing agreements, enabling the use of intellectual property rights within the sports and entertainment industry. We draft licensing agreements for logos, trademarks, athlete images, and other brand-related elements.