We specialize in environmental law, offering comprehensive advisory services and representation in court for matters related to environmental protection and sustainable development. With our specialists, clients can rely on professional support in interpreting and applying environmental regulations, both on a national and international level.

Within our practice, we provide advice on environmental management, environmental impact assessment, waste management, air and water pollution, nature conservation, and climate regulations. Our mission is not only to help clients meet legal requirements but also to advise them on integrating sustainable business practices into their daily operations.

We aim to support business development that respects our planet.

  • Environmental protection advisory: We provide comprehensive legal advisory services related to environmental protection, including environmental impact assessment, waste management, emission regulations, water resource protection, nature conservation regulations, and other aspects related to environmental protection.
  • Environmental risk assessment: We conduct environmental risk assessments for business ventures and investments, assisting in identifying potential environmental hazards and developing appropriate risk management and mitigation strategies.
  • Regulatory law and compliance: We advise clients on environmental protection regulations, including national, EU, and international regulations. We offer support for compliance and the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to environmental protection.
  • Representation in administrative proceedings: We represent clients in administrative proceedings related to environmental protection, such as obtaining permits, project notifications, inspections, and controls, as well as cases involving violations of environmental protection regulations.
  • Court and arbitration proceedings: We represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings concerning environmental protection matters. We provide support in pursuing claims, defending against claims, negotiating settlements, and other legal matters related to environmental protection.