Food and Beverages

Our legal group specializes in the field of law related to food and beverages. We provide comprehensive legal services for producers, distributors, restaurateurs, and other players in the food and beverage industry.

We assist our clients in matters concerning regulations, food control, labeling, advertising, consumer protection, licenses and permits, as well as issues related to import and export.

We understand the constantly changing regulatory requirements in this industry and are familiar with its nuances, allowing us to effectively advise our clients and help them achieve their business goals while maintaining full legal compliance.

  • Legal Advisory for the Food Industry: We provide comprehensive legal advisory services for companies operating in the food industry. We assist with food law regulations, product labeling, compliance with sanitation standards, quality norms, and other legal and organizational aspects.
  • Trademark Registration and Protection: We aid our clients in the process of registering and protecting trademarks for their food products. We conduct market research and analysis, prepare registration applications, and represent clients in proceedings before patent offices.
  • Distribution Agreements: We draft distribution agreements for food and beverage producers. We advise on selecting the best distribution model, negotiate contract terms including delivery terms, prices, distribution areas, obligations of the parties, and other significant clauses.
  • Consumer Protection: We assist our clients with consumer protection matters in the food industry. We provide advice on proper labeling, consumer information, complaints, and conduct analyses to ensure products comply with consumer law regulations.
  • Litigation Proceedings: We represent clients from the food industry in litigation proceedings. We assist in cases related to sanitation inspections, administrative decisions, disputes with suppliers, complaints, as well as cases involving competition law violations.