Hotel and Short-term Lease

We offer comprehensive legal services for the hospitality and short-term rental sectors. We support our clients in all legal aspects of these industries, ranging from lease agreements and property management to handling employment-related legal matters and representing them in court disputes.

We understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs in this sector face, including complex regulations, intricate tax laws, and an often changing legal landscape.

That’s why we provide tailored legal services to meet the needs of each client, always considering the latest trends and legal developments.

  • Advisory on Legal Aspects of Hotel Operations: We provide comprehensive legal advisory for hoteliers, including real estate law, lease agreements, employment law, consumer law, and other aspects related to hotel operations. We help clients understand and comply with legal regulations specific to the hospitality industry.
  • Creation of Lease Agreements and Policies: We draft and tailor lease agreements and policies for hotel operations. We offer support in creating room, suite, and other hotel property lease agreements, as well as policies concerning the use of hotel services.
  • Consumer Rights Protection: We advise clients on consumer protection regulations within the hotel industry. We assist in understanding and implementing regulations concerning reservations, cancellations, refunds, service quality, and other aspects related to consumer rights protection.
  • Compliance and Data Protection: We help clients meet requirements related to personal data protection, privacy, and information security. We offer guidance on complying with data protection regulations, conduct compliance audits, and develop policies and procedures related to data protection.
  • Disputes and Dispute Resolution: We represent clients in disputes related to hotel operations, including lease agreements, complaints, compensation claims, and other legal disputes. We also offer mediation and arbitration services as alternative dispute resolution methods.