Commercial Disputes

Our legal group offers professional legal representation in commercial disputes. We understand the injustices that can arise from unclear contracts, unfair practices, or transaction errors, and we are ready to defend our clients’ interests. We operate in various sectors of the economy, including disputes related to contracts, compensations, insolvencies, and matters associated with competition law.

Our experts guide clients through the complex litigation process, as well as assist in mediation and negotiations. We always strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients while minimizing the associated risks and stress of litigation.

We believe that our role is to provide effective legal protection that helps our clients focus on what matters most – running their businesses.

  • Representation in Court Disputes: We represent clients in commercial disputes before common courts and arbitration panels. Our team of lawyers specializes in various areas of commercial law and aims to protect the client’s interests and achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Negotiations and Mediation: We assist clients in negotiations and mediations to resolve commercial disputes out of court. Our goal is to reach agreements between parties that are advantageous for the client, minimizing the costs and risks associated with litigation.
  • Commercial Law Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive advisory services in the field of commercial law, including commercial contracts, transactions, restructuring, and other matters related to business operations. We help clients understand and implement relevant legal regulations in their business activities.
  • Risk Analysis and Legal Strategy: We conduct risk analysis related to commercial disputes and develop appropriate legal-business strategies. We support clients in identifying potential threats and resolving disputes effectively and favorably for their interests.
  • Enforcement of Claims: After obtaining a favorable court or arbitration decision, we provide clients with support in the process of enforcing claims. We work to recover owed amounts, properties, or other assets based on judgments or settlements.