Consumer Disputes

Our legal group specializes in representing entrepreneurs in disputes with consumers. We understand how complex and time-consuming these cases can be, and our priority is to relieve clients from these obligations.

We handle the entire process – from analyzing consumer complaints, through negotiations, to courtroom representation. We have experience in addressing all issues related to consumer protection, such as product defects, contract non-compliance, complaints, and return policies.

Our goal is not only to provide legal protection for the company but also to safeguard its reputation through honest and ethical approaches to consumer issues.

  • Consumer Rights Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive legal and tax advisory services concerning consumer rights, including rights related to purchasing goods or services, complaints, returns, warranties, the right to withdraw from contracts, and other consumer protection issues.
  • Mediation and Negotiations with Consumers: We assist clients in resolving disputes with consumers through mediation or negotiations. Our aim is to achieve an agreement with the consumer that satisfies both parties and avoids lengthy court proceedings.
  • Representation in Court Disputes: We represent clients in court proceedings related to disputes with consumers. We act on behalf of the client to protect their interests and seek justice. We assist clients in drafting legal documents, gathering evidence, and conducting cases in court.
  • Preparation of Agreements and Terms of Service: We help clients in preparing sales agreements, purchasing terms, and other documents that provide protection against disputes with consumers. We ensure the compliance of these documents with relevant legal regulations and safeguard our clients’ interests.