Insurance Disputes

We specialize in insurance disputes for businesses, providing professional advisory services and effective representation in conflicts with insurers. We understand the importance of proper risk coverage and ensuring appropriate compensation in case of damages for every business.

Our legal group represents diverse companies, from small enterprises to large corporations, in a range of insurance-related matters, including liability policies, property insurance, fleet insurance, and business interruption insurance. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in complex negotiation processes and insurance claims, providing comprehensive support at every stage of the proceedings.

We approach each case with full dedication, safeguarding our clients’ interests, and our experience and knowledge ensure the highest standard of service.

  • Assessment of Insurance Agreements: We conduct comprehensive analysis of insurance agreements to evaluate their compliance with legal regulations and interpretation of terms and coverage. We help clients understand their rights and obligations within the signed agreements.
  • Insurance Claims: We assist clients in submitting claims in case of denied compensation or unsatisfactory payouts. We represent clients in negotiations with insurers to achieve fair resolutions and compensation.
  • Court Proceedings in Insurance Matters: We represent clients in court proceedings related to disputes concerning insurance agreements. We aid in drafting legal documents, gathering evidence, and conducting cases in court to pursue insurance claims.
  • Negotiations with Insurers: We engage in negotiations with insurers on behalf of clients to reach agreements in insurance matters. Our aim is to secure the most favorable terms for the client and achieve out-of-court dispute resolutions.
  • Insurance Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive insurance advisory services, including selecting appropriate insurance products, interpreting agreements, risk analysis, and negotiating insurance terms. We assist clients in optimal protection of their interests and risk mitigation.