Commercialization of Intellectual Property

We offer our clients services in the realm of intellectual property commercialization, recognizing that innovation and creativity drive the development of modern enterprises. Our team of experts supports clients in all aspects of commercializing intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and know-how.

We assist our clients in maximizing the utilization of their intellectual property, providing guidance in negotiations and drafting of licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, as well as research and development collaboration agreements. We offer support in implementing intellectual property protection strategies and handling disputes related to intellectual property infringement.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ intellectual property rights are not only effectively protected but also utilized in a manner that brings them the greatest value.

  • Analysis of Commercial Potential: We conduct an analysis of the commercial potential of owned intellectual property, assessing its market utilization possibilities. We provide clients with detailed reports and recommendations regarding commercialization strategies.
  • Preparation of Licensing Agreements: We assist clients in preparing licensing agreements that enable the utilization of their intellectual property by other entities. We create agreements that ensure appropriate protection of ownership rights and favorable financial terms.
  • Business Partner Search: We support clients in seeking strategic business partners who can utilize their intellectual property within joint projects and ventures. We aid in negotiations and crafting beneficial agreements.
  • Intellectual Property Protection Advisory: We offer clients legal-patent and legal-copyright advice, aiding in the protection of their intellectual property against infringements and unauthorized use. We advise on registration procedures and rights enforcement.
  • Market Monitoring and Trend Analysis: We track the market and analyze industry trends to provide clients with information about new opportunities for the commercialization of their intellectual property. We assist in identifying potential target markets and determining expansion strategies.