Specializing in patent law, our experts offer comprehensive services for inventors and companies at every stage of the patent process. From the initial step of patent research, through the preparation and filing of patent applications, to representation in opposition proceedings or enforcement of patent rights – we are here to support our clients. Our team consists of experienced lawyers who possess in-depth knowledge of the legal specifics in the realm of patents.

We comprehend the technical aspects of various fields, enabling us to effectively understand and describe your invention. We assist our clients in achieving optimal protection for their inventions and provide guidance on potential patent commercialization avenues.

Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their valuable inventions are adequately safeguarded.

  • Patent Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive advice on the protection and management of their inventions. We assist in patent analysis, identifying innovative solutions, and evaluating the possibilities of obtaining patents.
  • Preparation of Patent Applications: We help clients prepare professional patent applications, which are essential for obtaining patent protection. We develop technical documentation, descriptions, and drawings of the invention in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Patent Procedures: We offer services related to patent procedures, including responding to official correspondence, representing clients before the Patent Office, and monitoring patent proceedings.
  • Analysis and Patent Portfolio Management: We conduct analysis of the client’s patent portfolio, assessing its value, protective strength, and potential risks. We advise on portfolio management strategies, including patent renewals, rights transfers, and other aspects.
  • Defense of Patent Rights: We represent clients in both litigation and out-of-court disputes related to patent infringements. Our actions aim to protect client interests and pursue claims for patent infringement.