Property Leasing

We offer comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate leasing. We specialize in representing both tenants and landlords, providing tailored and practical legal solutions that address the unique challenges of each transaction. We provide support in the negotiation process, preparation, and analysis of lease agreements, both commercial and residential.

Additionally, we assist in resolving leasing disputes, ensuring the protection of our clients’ rights and interests. Our profound understanding of the real estate market, coupled with a practical problem-solving approach, enables us to effectively handle all property leasing-related issues, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Lease Agreement Drafting: We assist in preparing real estate lease agreements, ensuring comprehensive protection of our clients’ rights and interests. We analyze the terms of the agreement, negotiate clauses related to rent, lease periods, and other essential conditions to provide clients with favorable and secure lease terms.
  • Legal Advice: We provide comprehensive real estate legal advice, including the interpretation of leasing regulations, analysis of property suitability for leasing, and assessment of legal risks and consequences associated with lease agreements.
  • Dispute Resolution: We represent clients in disputes related to property leasing. We assist in negotiations, mediations, and legal proceedings, aiming to achieve a favorable dispute resolution and protect our clients’ interests.
  • Document Review: We conduct detailed reviews of documents related to property leasing, including lease agreements, notarial deeds, lease conditions, and other property-related documents. We ensure the legality of documents and identify potential risks or inconsistencies.
  • Legal Support for Leasing: We provide comprehensive legal support throughout the entire property leasing process. We assist in creating advertisements, tenant selection, negotiate lease terms, and offer ongoing support during the lease term, such as monitoring deadlines, resolving disputes, and handling other lease-related legal matters.