Real Estate Disputes

Irrespective of the complexity of the matter, our lawyers possess the experience and knowledge to effectively serve our clients’ interests. With a thorough understanding of real estate law, we handle issues concerning property rights, boundary disputes, tenant-landlord conflicts, as well as ownership title problems.

Our approach is proactive, solution-oriented, and our goal is to avoid court disputes through effective negotiations.

However, when litigation becomes necessary, our law firm has the requisite skills and experience to provide our clients with the best possible representation.

  • Legal Consultation in Real Estate Matters: We provide comprehensive legal advice related to real estate, including legal-economic analysis, contract interpretation, risk assessment, legal opinions, and representing clients in negotiations.
  • Property Rights Disputes: We represent clients in disputes concerning property rights, such as ownership title disputes, boundary conflicts, rights to use properties, neighbor disputes, and others.
  • Lease and Tenancy Disputes: We assist in resolving disputes related to property lease and tenancy agreements, such as improper use of property, rent non-payment, lease termination, and more.
  • Real Estate Development Disputes: We represent clients in disputes with developers concerning properties, such as project delays, construction defects, contract termination, and other related matters.
  • Real Estate Transaction Disputes: We help in resolving disputes related to real estate transactions, including contract invalidity, breach of transaction terms, seller or buyer obligations, and more.