Start-ups and Venture Capital

Our experts understand the dynamics of the startup market and know how to navigate effectively in the world of venture capital investments. Our services encompass advising on financing structures, negotiating investment agreement terms, and assisting in understanding and adhering to legal regulations.

We support startups at every stage of their development, from ideation to securing investments and potential exits. Our goal is to provide clients with legal security, enabling them to focus on growing their business.

  • Legal Advisory for Startups: We provide startups with comprehensive legal and tax advisory services related to their operations. We assist in company establishment and registration, prepare founding documents, regulations, partnership agreements, and other essential documents. We also offer services related to intellectual property protection and compliance with regulations governing the startup market.
  • Financing Acquisition: We assist startups in acquiring financing from venture capital investors. We advise on financial strategy, create business plans, prepare investor presentations, and support the negotiation process of investment agreements. Our goal is to help startups secure the necessary funds for their business development.
  • Investment Agreements: We draft investment agreements between startups and venture capital investors. These agreements cover investment terms, security arrangements, rights and obligations of parties, as well as management and exit clauses. Our team of lawyers assists in negotiations and ensures that agreements comply with legal regulations and market best practices.
  • Due Diligence: We conduct due diligence processes for startups and venture capital investors. We analyze documents, verify legal status, assess investment-related risks, and evaluate growth potential and business prospects. This enables our clients to make more informed investment decisions.
  • Negotiation Representation: We represent startups and venture capital investors in negotiations concerning investment agreements. Our team of lawyers has experience in negotiations related to startup financing and understands the specifics of the venture capital industry. We aim to achieve favorable and balanced investment terms for our clients.