Trade Transactions

We specialize in the field of commercial transactions, providing personalized and practical solutions that address our clients’ business challenges. We handle a wide range of transactions, from simple purchases and sales to complex high-value commercial agreements.

Our comprehensive services include negotiations, drafting and evaluation of contracts, risk and compliance advisory, as well as representation in commercial disputes.

We always strive to understand our clients’ unique goals and needs to deliver the most effective and optimal legal solutions. Our approach is proactive, guided by the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

  • Legal Advisory in Commercial Transactions: We provide clients with comprehensive legal and tax advisory services in the realm of commercial transactions. We assist in preparing and negotiating commercial agreements, analyze risks, and ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations. We offer guidance on transaction structure, valuation, security, and other essential aspects.
  • Drafting and Analysis of Commercial Contracts: We assist in drafting, analyzing, and evaluating commercial contracts such as purchase agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, leasing agreements, and more. We ensure that contracts are legally sound, clear, and protect our clients’ interests.
  • Commercial Due Diligence: We conduct commercial due diligence processes for clients, verifying documents and information related to commercial transactions. We analyze the legal, financial, and operational status of the business, identify risks and potential issues, and recommend risk management solutions and strategies.
  • Representation in Negotiations: We represent clients in negotiations pertaining to commercial transactions. Our team of lawyers possesses negotiation skills and experience in crafting favorable agreements. Our goal is to achieve optimal transaction terms and provide maximum protection for our clients’ interests.
  • Monitoring and Transaction Support: We offer monitoring and support at various stages of commercial transactions. We assist in document preparation, conduct analyses and evaluations, manage deadlines and procedures, and represent clients before relevant authorities and institutions.