VAT and Indirect Taxes

We offer professional advice in the field of VAT and other indirect taxes, which are essential components of business operations. The specialized knowledge and experience of our team allow us to identify, manage, and minimize the risks associated with these complex areas of tax law.

We provide support in all aspects of VAT and indirect taxes, including VAT registration, preparation of tax returns, VAT refunds, and both domestic and international transactions. When dispute resolution is necessary, our team strongly advocates for our clients’ interests in dealings with tax authorities and in court proceedings.

Our mission is to support clients at every stage, providing peace of mind when it comes to compliance with VAT and indirect tax regulations.

  • Tax Advisory: We provide comprehensive tax advisory services regarding VAT and other indirect taxes, including interpretation of tax regulations, analysis of tax implications, and tax structure optimization.
  • VAT Registration: We assist clients in the VAT registration process, including filling out necessary forms and documents, as well as preparing the required documentation.
  • Calculation and Settlement of VAT: We offer support in calculating and settling VAT, including identifying correct VAT rates, making tax deductions, and preparing VAT declarations.
  • Tax Inspection and Appeals Proceedings: We represent clients in cases of tax inspections related to VAT and indirect taxes, and we provide assistance in appeal proceedings in the event of tax disputes.
  • Monitoring Tax Changes: We monitor current changes in tax regulations concerning VAT and indirect taxes, and we inform clients about significant updates that might affect their tax filings.