Debt Collection

Our team offers professional debt collection services. We guarantee assistance in recovering overdue debts, both from individuals and companies. We provide comprehensive support at every stage of the debt recovery process, starting from documentation analysis, preparing necessary applications and documents, all the way to representing clients in courts and before bailiffs.

We always strive to maximize the effectiveness of the debt collection actions while maintaining high standards of professional ethics.

  • Monitoring and Enforcement of Outstanding Payments

We track payment deadlines and take actions to enforce overdue payments, representing the interests of our clients and striving to recover the money owed to them.

  • Application for Enforcement Orders

We assist clients in preparing applications for enforcement orders, directed to the court bailiff for the effective enforcement of debts.

  • Claims Pursuit in Enforcement Proceedings

We represent clients in enforcement proceedings, monitor the progress of enforcement, submit enforcement requests, and take necessary actions to recover debts.

  • Precautionary Enforcement

We provide support in enforcement procedures such as securing the debtor’s assets through seizing bank accounts, properties, or other assets to ensure future debt recovery.

  • Negotiations and Enforcement Settlements

We act on behalf of clients, negotiate, and establish enforcement settlements with debtors to achieve favorable repayment terms and minimize the risk of further enforcement actions.