Personal rights

Our group offers comprehensive legal assistance in the realm of personal rights. Personal rights are an integral part of one’s identity and deserve the utmost protection. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in the field of personal rights, including image protection, name, privacy, honor, dignity, correspondence confidentiality, freedom of speech, and other individual rights.

We provide legal assistance in the event of violations of these rights. We aid in pursuing claims, prepare appropriate documentation, and engage in negotiations with individuals who have infringed upon your rights.

  • Privacy Protection

We provide legal support for the protection of our clients’ privacy, including pursuing claims related to privacy violations, image infringements, defamation, and the unauthorized publication of information.

  • Online Reputation

We offer legal advice and representation in cases involving online reputation infringements. This includes issuing requests for the removal of inappropriate content or defending against unjust accusations.

  • Disputes Regarding Personal Rights Violations

We represent clients in disputes concerning violations of personal rights, such as defamation, privacy breaches, image infringements, and other forms of moral harm.

  • GDPR Compliance

We offer guidance on complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and safeguarding clients’ rights to privacy and the lawful processing of their personal data.