We offer professional legal assistance for individuals who have been arrested. We provide comprehensive representation for clients at every stage of the process, starting from the moment of detention, through the court proceedings, and up to the appellate process.

Our work includes legal advice, representation before law enforcement agencies and the court, as well as assistance in preparing an effective defense. We are always ready to provide swift and effective help, understanding that time is crucial in such matters.

Our legal group ensures professionalism, experience, and dedication at every step of the case. We prioritize the respect of our clients’ rights and provide legal services at the highest level.

  • Legal Assistance in Arrest Cases: We provide clients with professional legal assistance in cases of arrest, ensuring the protection of their rights and interests during this challenging process.
  • Representation in Court Proceedings: We represent clients in court proceedings, ensuring effective defense and representation before the court.
  • Filing Requests for Release from Detention: We assist clients in preparing and submitting requests for release from detention, including applications for temporary detention or changes to preventive measures.
  • Monitoring Detention Conditions: We provide supervision and monitoring of detention conditions, ensuring the client’s rights are respected, fair treatment is provided, and appropriate protective measures are available.
  • Appeals against Arrest Decisions: In cases of improper arrest decisions, we represent clients in appellate processes, aiming to annul or amend arrest decisions and restore the client’s freedom.