Minor offenses

Our legal group specializes in providing legal services related to misdemeanors. We offer comprehensive legal assistance for both individuals accused of committing misdemeanors and for victims.

We represent our clients at every stage of the proceedings, from the moment charges are brought, through the court process, to potential appellate proceedings. Our services encompass legal advice, representation before law enforcement agencies and the court, as well as assistance in obtaining compensation.

We understand that even misdemeanor cases can be a source of stress and uncertainty, which is why our lawyers are always ready to provide support and answer any questions.

  • Legal Advice for Misdemeanors
    We provide clients with professional legal advice in matters related to misdemeanors, discussing the legal consequences, procedural aspects, and possible defense strategies.
  • Representation in Misdemeanor Proceedings
    We represent clients in misdemeanor proceedings before law enforcement agencies and courts, ensuring effective defense and representation to protect their rights and achieve a fair resolution.
  • Negotiations and Mediations
    We support clients in negotiation and mediation processes, aiming to reach agreements in misdemeanor cases that can lead to settlements or reduced penalties.
  • Evidence and Documentation Analysis
    We conduct analysis of evidence and documentation related to misdemeanors, assessing their evidentiary strength, legality, and preparing appropriate arguments and defense strategies.
  • Appeals against Judgments and Decisions
    We offer support in the appeals process against judgments and decisions in misdemeanor cases, representing clients in appeals and working towards changing unfavorable outcomes.