Representation of the victims

Our legal group offers comprehensive legal support for victims. We represent clients who have suffered harm due to various forms of crimes, striving to attain justice and rightful compensation for them.

Our representation covers assistance at every stage of the process, from reporting the crime, through courtroom representation, to aiding in the enforcement of judgments. We understand how traumatic it can be to be a victim of a crime, which is why our lawyers work with empathy and full understanding.

In each case, our primary goal is to protect the rights and interests of our clients, ensuring their safety and providing support during a challenging time.

  • Legal Assistance for Victims: We provide comprehensive legal assistance to individuals who have become victims of crimes or have had their rights violated, offering support in asserting their claims and protecting their interests.
  • Representation in Criminal Proceedings: We represent victims in criminal proceedings as legal representatives, providing them with professional representation and defense of their rights in court.
  • Seeking Compensation and Damages: We assist victims in seeking compensation and damages for the harm, pain, suffering, or lost benefits they have experienced, both through negotiations and by conducting legal proceedings.
  • Assistance in Obtaining Legal Protection: We offer support to victims in obtaining legal protection, such as court orders, restraining orders, or eviction orders, to ensure their safety and prevent further rights violations.