Our legal group specializes in family law, offering support at every stage of the divorce process. We understand how challenging and emotional divorce can be, which is why we aim to provide our clients with professional and empathetic service. We offer guidance on property division, child custody matters, and alimony. We represent clients in court, prepare all necessary documents, and ensure that the divorce process is as emotionally and financially manageable as possible for our clients. Transparency and communication are important to us, so our clients are informed about progress and potential scenarios at every stage of the divorce process.

  • Legal Advisory in Divorce Matters

We provide clients with legal advisory support in divorce-related issues, including advice on rights and obligations, the divorce process, property division, and child custody matters.

  • Filing Divorce Lawsuits

We assist clients in preparing and filing divorce lawsuits in court, ensuring the proper and comprehensive inclusion of requested claims and establishing the grounds for divorce.

  • Mediation and Negotiations

We support clients in mediation and negotiation processes aimed at reaching agreements in divorce matters, such as property division, alimony, and child custody arrangements.

  • Representation in Divorce Proceedings

We represent clients in court proceedings related to divorces, ensuring professional representation and defense of their interests in court.

  • Divorce Agreements

We help clients negotiate and draft divorce agreements that outline the terms of the divorce, property division, alimony arrangements, child custody, and other important matters.