Risk and Support Department

Our legal group offers specialized services through the Risk and Support Department, aimed at identifying, analyzing, and minimizing legal risks for both individual clients and businesses. We take actions in risk management, providing support in contract negotiations, legal regulation analysis, and risk assessment in the context of planned business activities.

Our services also encompass crisis support, where swift and effective legal response is crucial. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we provide our clients with the necessary tools to make informed decisions, safeguarding their legal interests.

The Risk and Support Department ensures that our legal services are delivered with the utmost care for the security of our clients.

  • Legal Audit and Risk Analysis
    We conduct legal audits, analyzing the client’s operations for legal and operational risks. We identify potential issues and recommend actions to minimize risks.
  • Development and Implementation of Compliance Procedures
    We assist clients in developing and implementing compliance procedures, such as policies, conduct standards, and ethical codes, to ensure compliance with regulations and prevent legal violations.
  • Monitoring and Compliance Audits
    We offer monitoring and compliance audit services, regularly checking if the client is adhering to established procedures in line with legal regulations and industry standards.
  • Training and Education on Compliance
    We organize training sessions and workshops for clients to raise awareness among employees regarding regulatory compliance, professional ethics, data protection, and other risk-related matters.
  • Incident Management and Crisis Support
    We provide clients with support in incident management and crisis situations, including internal investigations, conflict of interest cases, data breaches, offering comprehensive legal and operational advice.