Startups and innovative enterprises

Our legal group specializes in providing comprehensive legal services for startups and innovative businesses. We understand that developing innovative ideas and running a startup come with unique challenges that require specialized legal knowledge. Therefore, we offer our clients tailored legal support to meet their individual needs.



In the era of dynamic e-commerce growth, well-understood and appropriately secured legal aspects are crucial for the success of every business. Therefore, we provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice that helps them conduct e-commerce activities in compliance with applicable laws.


Freight, Forwarding, Logistics

In the field of transportation, logistics, and freight forwarding, we offer comprehensive legal support. We provide advice on transportation contracts, legal regulations, and disputes related to logistic activities. With our experience and expertise, we ensure effective protection of our clients’ interests in the dynamic environment of the transportation industry.



The development of the computer gaming industry comes with unique legal and business challenges. That’s why we offer comprehensive legal advice tailored to the needs of our clients involved in game creation and publishing.


Space sector

The advancement of space exploration, space technology, and space flights presents unique legal challenges that require specialized knowledge and expertise. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are venturing into creating technologies capable of conquering space. This demands a deep understanding of both international space law and domestic regulations related to space, which our specialists provide.


Micro, small and medium enterprises

We understand that small and medium-sized enterprises (MŚP) play a significant role in the economy and represent an important business segment. Therefore, we offer comprehensive legal advice tailored to the unique needs of MŚP, providing them with robust legal support.


Large enterprises

We understand that large enterprises pose unique challenges for lawyers, related to the complexity of business operations, scale of activities, and regulatory requirements. Therefore, we provide comprehensive legal advice that meets the high expectations of our business clients.