Civil cases

Our legal group specializes in civil law and provides comprehensive legal services in this field. Civil law covers various aspects of everyday life, such as contracts, obligations, property, inheritances, and many more. With our experience and knowledge, we are well-equipped to offer effective advice and representation to clients in civil matters.

Our lawyers have deep expertise in civil law and are prepared to assist with various issues, including:

  • Civil contracts: We advise our clients on the formation, analysis, and negotiation of civil contracts. Our support includes preparing contracts for buying and selling, lease agreements, gift agreements, service contracts, and other civil law contracts. We act in the best interests of our clients, ensuring the protection of their rights and interests.
  • Civil liability: We provide legal advice on civil liability, both in cases where our clients have caused damages and when our clients have suffered damages. We assist in pursuing compensations, conducting negotiations, and representing our clients’ interests in civil liability disputes.
  • Inheritances and estate planning: In matters related to inheritances, we offer support in preparing wills, gift agreements, inheritance protocols, and representation in probate proceedings. We provide comprehensive advice on inheritance, property divisions, and all issues related to estates.
  • Consumer protection: We possess knowledge and experience in consumer protection matters. We advise our clients on consumer contracts, unfair competition practices, complaints, and consumer rights protection.
  • Dispute resolution: In civil disputes, we offer professional support in conflict resolution. We provide legal representation in court proceedings, mediations, and negotiations, aiming to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Real estate law: We provide comprehensive legal services in real estate matters. We assist our clients in matters related to acquisition, sale, lease, rent, management, and disputes concerning real estate. We also offer advice on mortgage law, spatial planning, and other real estate-related issues.

Our goal is to ensure high-quality and effective legal service in civil law that considers individual needs and aims to achieve favorable solutions. Trust us to provide professional support in civil matters and protect your rights and interests.


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Fraud in an online store

The client sought our assistance in recovering the paid remuneration for products ordered online but never received. Upon investigation, we discovered that the client was not the only victim. By initiating both civil and criminal proceedings, we successfully managed to recover the entire paid amount along with the costs of our services and compensation. Additionally, we took steps to identify other affected individuals whom we also managed to assist.

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