Problem solving

We offer a professional legal problem-solving service that can address various issues in different areas of life and business. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the problem, our experienced lawyers are ready to provide assistance, offering comprehensive advice and effective solutions.

Our comprehensive problem-solving services include:

  • Legal advice: We provide our clients with professional legal advice in various areas of law. We help them understand and interpret legal regulations, identify potential legal risks, and develop action strategies. Our advice aims to provide clear answers to legal questions and indicate optimal solutions.
  • Negotiations and mediations: We assist our clients in conducting negotiations and mediations to resolve disputes. Our experienced team of lawyers helps achieve agreements, negotiates favorable terms, and represents our clients’ interests in mediation processes. We strive to find solutions that are satisfactory to all parties involved.
  • Court proceedings: In cases where disputes require court intervention, we represent our clients in general, administrative, and arbitration courts. Our team of lawyers has experience in handling court proceedings, preparing procedural documents, and providing effective legal representation in court proceedings.
  • Dispute resolution: We help our clients resolve disputes through both extrajudicial means and court proceedings. We aim to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients through effective legal representation, risk analysis, and the development of dispute resolution strategies.
  • Risk management: We offer support in risk management, assisting our clients in identifying potential legal risks and developing strategies to minimize them. Our team of lawyers helps in developing policies, procedures, and contracts aimed at protecting clients’ interests and preventing potential issues.

Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective legal assistance in problem-solving. Trust us to get professional support in identifying, analyzing, and resolving various legal issues.


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Loss of liquidity

The client approached us seeking help in mitigating the negative consequences of financial distress in their business operations. We engaged in effective negotiations with the client’s contractors, the tax office, and the social security institution (ZUS), resulting in a situation where the client was able to gradually repay the debts and continue their business while maintaining a good reputation among their contractors.

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