We are well aware of how intricate and demanding the privatization process can be, which is why our experienced team of lawyers is prepared to assist both private and public entities at every stage of privatization. We guide our clients through the entire process, starting from legal analysis, through negotiations and document preparation, all the way to transaction finalization.

Our knowledge and expertise encompass various forms of privatization, including share sales, auctions, concessions, and ownership transformations. Additionally, we provide support in areas related to corporate law, competition law, labor law, and financial law.

Our goal is to provide our clients with legal and financial security and to ensure the effective execution of the privatization process, delivering the highest quality legal service.

  • Assessment and Advisory in Privatization Process: We conduct assessments of businesses, identify privatization potential, and advise clients on selecting the optimal privatization strategy.
  • Preparation of Documentation and Privatization Procedures: We assist in preparing the necessary legal documentation and procedures related to the privatization process, such as information documentation, privatization agreements, tender announcements, and others.
  • Registration of Privatized Companies: We provide services related to the registration of privatized companies, including drafting registration documents, comprehensive legal advice, and handling formalities related to registration.
  • Negotiations and Privatization Transactions: We represent clients in negotiation processes and conduct privatization transactions, ensuring effective protection of their interests and striving to achieve favorable contractual terms.
  • Post-Privatization Advisory: We offer post-privatization advisory, assisting clients in optimizing operations after the privatization, restructuring, development strategies, and compliance with regulations governing the activities of privatized companies.