Trademarks are a fundamental element of every business’s identity. They are not only a key component of a company’s marketing strategy but also a significant asset that can greatly enhance a company’s value.

We offer professional guidance in the selection and registration of trademarks. We conduct availability searches for trademarks and monitor already registered trademarks to ensure protection against unauthorized use. Our services also encompass representing clients in trademark disputes, both at the administrative and judicial stages.

We prioritize an individual approach to each client, tailoring trademark protection strategies to the specific nature of their business activities and expectations.

  • Trademark Protection Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive legal-patent advisory regarding the protection and management of their trademarks. We assist in determining suitable trademark protection strategies and in enforcing their rights.
  • Trademark Registration: We prepare and submit professional trademark registration applications to the appropriate patent offices. We provide support in documentation preparation, similarity analysis of trademarks, and represent clients in the registration process.
  • Trademark Portfolio Analysis and Management: We conduct an analysis of the client’s trademark portfolio, assessing its value and protective strength. We offer advice on portfolio management, including registration renewals and the transfer of trademark rights.
  • Defense of Trademark Rights: We represent clients in judicial and non-judicial disputes concerning trademark infringement. We strive to protect client interests and pursue claims related to infringements.
  • Trademark Strategy Advisory: We assist clients in developing strategies for trademark protection and utilization. We advise on choosing appropriate trademarks, their registration domestically and internationally, as well as matters related to licensing agreements and rights transfer.