Our legal group specializes in the protection and management of know-how – a valuable and often underestimated form of intellectual property. We understand that unique knowledge and experience are essential assets for every business. Therefore, our service is focused on aiding companies in identifying, safeguarding, and commercializing their know-how.

Our team of experienced lawyers provides advice on know-how protection strategies, including drafting confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, and internal procedures aimed at safeguarding valuable information. Additionally, we represent our clients in disputes related to the infringement of trade secrets.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to deliver effective and practical solutions to our clients, helping them maximize the value of their know-how and ensure a competitive edge in the market.

  • Legal Advisory in Intellectual Property: We provide clients with comprehensive legal advice concerning the protection and management of their know-how. We assist in the registration and protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property.
  • Development and Implementation of Procedures: We assist clients in developing and implementing procedures related to the collection, safeguarding, and storage of know-how. We provide recommendations on best practices in knowledge management and confidential information protection.
  • Licensing Agreements and Know-How Transfer: We prepare licensing agreements, know-how transfer agreements, and confidentiality agreements that enable clients to manage and utilize their know-how within strategic business partnerships.
  • Training and Workshops: We organize training sessions and workshops for clients focused on managing and protecting know-how. We deliver practical knowledge on gathering, storing, and utilizing know-how to enhance competitiveness and innovation.
  • Dispute Resolution: We represent clients in disputes related to know-how infringement, licensing agreements, and other aspects of intellectual property protection. Our aim is to achieve resolutions favorable to our clients.