Industrial Designs

Our legal group provides comprehensive services in the field of industrial design protection, which is a key component of legal protection strategies for many businesses. Industrial designs pertain to the aesthetic aspects of products, such as shape, pattern, or color, which can give a product a unique appearance and a competitive advantage in the market.

We offer support at all stages of the process, starting from evaluating the potential registration of an industrial design, through the application process with the Patent Office, to monitoring and enforcing rights after the design’s registration. Our practice also includes advising on licensing and rights assignments, negotiating and drafting agreements, as well as representing clients in disputes concerning the infringement of industrial design rights.

In every situation, our aim is to provide services of the highest quality that meet our clients’ expectations and effectively safeguard their intellectual property rights.

  • Industrial Design Protection Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive legal-patent advisory regarding the protection and management of their industrial designs. We assist in defining the scope of protection, registration, and enforcement of design rights.
  • Preparation of Registration Applications: We assist clients in preparing professional applications for the registration of industrial designs. We provide support in developing documentation, drawings, and descriptions of designs, in accordance with the requirements of patent offices.
  • Industrial Design Portfolio Analysis and Management: We conduct an analysis of the client’s industrial design portfolio, assessing its value and protective strength. We offer advice on portfolio management strategies, including registration renewals and rights transfers.
  • Enforcement of Industrial Design Rights: We represent clients in judicial and non-judicial matters related to the infringement of industrial design rights. We act to protect client interests and pursue claims for infringements.
  • Advisory on Licensing and Transfer of Industrial Designs: We assist clients in negotiations and preparation of licensing agreements and agreements for the transfer of industrial design rights. We ensure rights protection and favorable financial terms for clients.