We specialize in the field of licensing law, offering comprehensive services for both licensees and licensors. We provide guidance in the negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements, ensuring that our clients’ interests are fully protected.

Our services encompass licenses for copyright, patent rights, as well as other intellectual property rights. We offer support at every stage of the licensing process, from legal analysis of the proposed agreement, through negotiation advice, to assistance in enforcing rights arising from the licensing agreement. We also represent our clients in disputes related to licensing agreements.

Our team of lawyers possesses extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge, guaranteeing that every task is carried out with the utmost professionalism. We work towards optimizing our clients’ benefits while simultaneously minimizing potential risks.

  • Licensing Consultation: We provide clients with comprehensive guidance in the realm of intellectual property licensing. We assist in determining appropriate types of licenses, scope of rights, and financial terms.
  • Preparation of Licensing Agreements: We draft licensing agreements that regulate the rights and obligations of parties regarding the utilization of intellectual property. We tailor agreements to the specific needs of the client and ensure the protection of the licensor’s rights.
  • Analysis of Licensing Agreements: We conduct analysis of licensing agreements to assess legal compliance, scrutinize clauses, and identify potential risks. We provide clients with detailed reports and recommendations concerning existing agreements.
  • Negotiation and Representation in Licensing Matters: We represent clients in negotiations related to licensing agreements. We strive to secure favorable terms and safeguard client interests.
  • Enforcement of Licensing Rights: We assist clients in enforcing their licensing rights in case of breaches by third parties. We represent clients in disputes and take legal actions to protect their interests.