Our legal group offers comprehensive services in the field of copyright law, providing professional support for the protection, management, and enforcement of copyright rights. We represent creators, artists, publishers, producers, and other entities in the creative sector.

We provide legal advice and assistance at every stage of the creative process – from the moment of the creation of a work, through negotiations of licensing agreements, to the enforcement of rights in case of infringements. Our team of lawyers specializing in copyright law has years of experience, allowing us to navigate effectively in the intricate world of copyright law.

We understand that your works are valuable and deserve protection. Therefore, we are committed to providing legal protection that enables you to safely use and benefit from your creativity.

  • Copyright Advisory: We provide clients with comprehensive legal advice on copyright protection and utilization of their copyrighted works. We assist in defining the scope of copyright and enforcing those rights.
  • Registration and Copyright Protection: We help clients register their copyrighted works and other copyrightable subject matter, ensuring official legal protection. We also offer guidance in cases of copyright infringements and take legal actions to protect clients’ interests.
  • Development of Licensing and Copyright Transfer Agreements: We draft licensing agreements that allow clients to license their copyrighted works to other entities. We also assist in negotiations concerning the transfer of copyright between parties.
  • Advice on the Use of Copyrighted Works: We advise clients on the legal use of copyrighted works by other authors. We provide information about legal principles and formal requirements that need to be met to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Resolution of Copyright Disputes: We represent clients in judicial and non-judicial disputes related to copyright infringements. We aim to protect the client’s interests and pursue claims for copyright violations.