Services for business

We offer comprehensive legal services for business clients. We understand the challenges and needs of businesses of various sizes and industries, which is why we tailor our services to the individual requirements of each client. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in commercial law, corporate law, employment law, as well as competition and intellectual property law, enabling us to provide full legal support for enterprises.

We handle not only ongoing legal-business matters but also represent clients in court and arbitration disputes, negotiations, and in creating business strategies. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients, delivering not only legal support but also business insights, industry understanding, and market dynamics comprehension.

  • Legal Advisory for Businesses: We provide comprehensive legal-business advisory services for business clients, covering various areas of law such as corporate law, employment law, commercial law, tax law, and more.
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations: We assist in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, lease agreements, supply agreements, service contracts, franchise agreements, and other contracts, ensuring the protection of rights and interests of our clients.
  • Company Registration and Formation: We guide through the process of company registration and formation, including preparing registration documents, drafting partnership agreements, registering with relevant authorities, and delivering legal support at every stage.
  • Legal Support for Transactions: We provide legal support in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, asset sales, company divisions, share issuances, financial negotiations, and other business transactions.
  • Employment Law and Dispute Resolution: We advise clients on employment law, draft employment contracts, workplace regulations, represent clients in employment disputes, negotiate with labor unions, and represent clients before government authorities.