Our legal group specializes in anti-corruption measures, providing clients with comprehensive and effective solutions. We address both the prevention of corrupt practices and responding to potential violations, advising our clients on complying with anti-corruption regulations at both national and international levels.

Our team of experts offers support in the creation and implementation of compliance systems that help companies avoid corruption-related violations. We also provide legal representation in court proceedings related to corruption charges.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of anti-corruption enable us to effectively protect our clients’ interests, encompassing both preventing violations and dealing with their consequences.

  • Development and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies: We assist companies and organizations in developing anti-corruption policies that define principles and procedures aimed at preventing corruption within the organization. We support the implementation of these policies and provide training for employees on anti-corruption measures.
  • Anti-Corruption Audit: We conduct anti-corruption audits to assess and identify potential areas of corruption risk within an organization. Based on audit results, we formulate recommendations and action plans to strengthen anti-corruption systems and minimize risk.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: We help companies monitor anti-corruption activities and report suspicious cases. We develop procedures for incident reporting and analysis, and support the creation of reports in line with legislative requirements and international standards.
  • Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies: When necessary, we collaborate with law enforcement agencies in investigations related to corruption. We offer assistance in preparing documentation, responding to law enforcement requests, and representing clients in investigative proceedings.