Construction Disputes

Our legal group offers comprehensive legal services in the realm of construction disputes. From the inception to the culmination of the construction process, our attorneys provide conflict strategies that minimize risk and maximize success.

We are well-versed in and understand the diverse challenges that can confront both developers and subcontractors, and our experience spans all types of construction projects, from minor renovations to intricate infrastructure endeavors.

We support clients in negotiations, mediations, and arbitration, as well as representing them in court if necessary. We ensure effective defense of our clients’ rights, focusing on achieving favorable outcomes for them while maintaining rigor and professionalism.

  • Legal Consultation: We provide comprehensive legal advice in the realm of construction disputes. We analyze construction contracts, assess risks, assist in interpreting construction law regulations, and provide guidance on protecting clients’ rights and interests.
  • Resolution of Construction Disputes: We represent clients in resolving construction disputes, such as project delays, construction defects, payments, contract termination, and more. We assist in negotiations, mediations, and legal proceedings, aiming for a favorable dispute resolution.
  • Construction Documentation Review: We conduct thorough reviews of construction documentation to identify potential irregularities, inconsistencies, or deficiencies in the project or execution. We ensure the legality of the documentation and assess compliance with applicable construction law regulations.
  • Negotiation of Construction Contracts: We assist in negotiating and drafting construction contracts, ensuring the protection of the client’s interests. We analyze contract terms, including clauses related to liability, payments, deadlines, quality warranties, and other significant matters.
  • Technical Advice: We collaborate with technical experts who can provide support and advice on the technical aspects of construction disputes. We assist in evaluating construction defects, analyzing technical documentation, and providing technical solutions in cases of construction disputes.