Corporate Reorganization

Specializing in corporate reorganization, our legal group provides clients with comprehensive support throughout the entire process of changing their company’s structure. Starting from initial planning, through managing legal and regulatory aspects, to final execution, our lawyers offer robust assistance.

We understand that reorganization can be challenging for a company, which is why we approach this process considering each client’s individual needs, guided by pragmatism and industry knowledge. Our experts advise on matters related to consolidation, division, transformations, as well as other forms of corporate reorganization.

Our goal is to ensure that the company’s structure is optimal in terms of operational and financial efficiency, all in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Corporate Restructuring Advisory: We provide comprehensive legal and tax advisory services to clients in the field of corporate restructuring. We analyze the current legal and organizational status of the enterprise and offer advice in selecting the optimal structure for reorganization. We assist in transformations, mergers, divisions, asset transfers, and other reorganizational activities.
  • Preparation of Reorganizational Documents: We assist in preparing the necessary reorganizational documents, such as transformation plans, merger and division agreements, and other documents required for corporate reorganization. We ensure that the documents comply with applicable legal regulations and safeguard the interests of our clients.
  • Corporate Due Diligence: We conduct corporate due diligence processes by analyzing the legal and organizational structure of the enterprise, identifying risks, and evaluating the reorganization potential. We help clients understand the legal, tax, and financial aspects related to corporate reorganization.
  • Court and Registration Proceedings: We represent clients in court and registration proceedings related to corporate reorganization. We provide comprehensive legal support, prepare necessary documents, represent clients in courts and other authorities, and ensure proper registrations and submissions.
  • Monitoring and Support for Reorganization: We offer monitoring and support at every stage of corporate reorganization. We assist in managing the process, ensure timely and compliant actions, and respond to potential issues and changing circumstances. Our goal is to ensure effective and secure corporate reorganization, minimizing risks and ensuring full client satisfaction.