Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Our legal group specializes in restructuring and bankruptcy services. We support clients at every stage of these processes, offering assistance in assessing financial situations, preparing restructuring plans or bankruptcy petitions, and engaging in negotiations with creditors.

We operate on behalf of both debtors and creditors, providing legal advice based on a thorough understanding of bankruptcy and restructuring laws.

Our team of experienced lawyers helps minimize risks, manage crises, and protect interests in bankruptcy and restructuring procedures. Our priority is to ensure safety and stability for our clients during challenging economic situations.

  • Restructuring advisory: We provide clients with professional restructuring advice, analyzing their financial and organizational situation, identifying issues, and developing corrective strategies to restore stability and sustainable growth.
  • Negotiations with creditors: We represent clients in negotiations with creditors to reach agreements on debt restructuring terms, extending repayment deadlines, reducing debt amounts, or converting debt into shares or other financial instruments.
  • Preparation of restructuring plans: We assist clients in developing comprehensive restructuring plans, considering financial analysis, organizational changes, debt restructuring, changes in capital structure, and other actions aimed at financial recovery.
  • Bankruptcy and recovery proceedings: We offer services related to conducting bankruptcy proceedings, company liquidations, and other recovery procedures, providing clients with comprehensive legal support and representation before courts and bankruptcy authorities.
  • Legal protection in connection with bankruptcy: We advise clients on protecting their rights and interests in connection with bankruptcy proceedings, including pursuing claims, negotiating with bankruptcy administrators, and defending against potential creditor claims.