Our service catalog also includes assistance in pursuing compensation. We offer comprehensive support from analyzing the situation, evaluating claims, all the way to negotiations and legal proceedings.

Our goal is to achieve fair compensation for damages incurred due to accidents, medical errors, traffic accidents, and other situations that have infringed upon the rights of our clients.

  • Pursuit of Compensation for Traffic Accidents

We assist our clients in obtaining compensation for road accidents, collisions, pedestrian accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

  • Compensation for Medical Errors

We represent clients who have suffered harm due to medical errors, inadequate healthcare, or improper treatment, aiming to secure appropriate compensation.

  • Claims for Workplace Accident Compensation

Our legal team provides support in pursuing compensation claims related to workplace accidents, including incidents on construction sites, in manufacturing facilities, and other work settings.

  • Compensation for Accidents and Personal Injuries

We help our clients obtain compensation for bodily injuries, sports-related injuries, household accidents, and accidents in public spaces.

  • Claims for Insurance Compensation

We offer representation in the pursuit of insurance claims, including motor insurance, property insurance, third-party liability insurance, and other types of insurance.