Contracts are an integral part of business operations and daily life. In the Polish legal system, contracts are of paramount importance as they form the foundation for regulating legal relations between parties. Without appropriately drafted contracts, misunderstandings can occur, and parties may expose themselves to unforeseen legal risks.

Contracts are essential to ensuring certainty and security in transactions. Thanks to them, both parties know what to expect and understand their responsibilities. Without a contract, the rights and duties of the involved parties can be ambiguous, potentially leading to legal disputes.

We offer comprehensive legal services related to the drafting and analysis of contracts. We provide our clients with professional advisory and legal services to protect their interests and ensure compliance with current regulations. By availing of our services, we guarantee thorough support in the negotiation process and the drafting of contracts that are accurate, compliant with the law, and tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Drafting Commercial Contracts

We provide professional support in crafting sales, supply, cooperation, franchising, and other business contracts.

  • Contract Analysis and Negotiations

We conduct a detailed analysis of contracts, identifying risks and suggesting amendments. Additionally, we negotiate on behalf of our clients to achieve favorable contractual terms.

  • Lease and Rental Agreements

We assist in drafting property lease and rental agreements, including residential, office, and commercial spaces.

  • Employment Contracts and Freelance Agreements

We offer expert advice on drafting employment contracts, work contracts, and freelance agreements, safeguarding the rights of both employers and employees.

  • Licensing and Franchising Agreements

We provide assistance in creating licensing and franchising agreements that regulate the rights to use software, trademarks, and know-how, ensuring the interests of both parties are protected.