Employment and Labor

Our legal group offers a comprehensive approach to labor and employment law, providing clients with support at every stage of employment relationships. We assist companies in developing policies and procedures compliant with labor laws and also in negotiations and disputes related to employment contracts.

We also provide guidance on matters concerning terminations, restructuring, and compliance. In case of legal disputes, we represent our clients with determination and professionalism.

Our goal is to create a secure and legally compliant work environment for our clients, minimizing the risk of conflicts and disputes.

  • Legal Advisory in Employment Law: We provide clients with comprehensive legal and tax advisory services related to employment and labor law matters. We assist in interpreting labor law regulations, creating employment contracts, work regulations, and offer support in resolving employee disputes.
  • Documentation Development for Employment: We assist clients in preparing essential employment-related documentation, such as employment contracts, contract addendums, work regulations, job instructions, and personnel policies. We ensure that the documents are compliant with prevailing labor law regulations.
  • Representation in Employee Matters: We represent clients in labor courts and other relevant bodies in employee disputes, including issues like terminations, harassment, discrimination, wage irregularities, and violations of occupational health and safety regulations. We provide professional support and representation at every stage of proceedings.
  • HR Audit: We conduct HR audits in client companies, assessing compliance with labor law regulations and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of personnel practices. We help identify areas requiring improvement and recommend corrective actions.