Aviation, Aerospace Industry

Specializing in the aviation and aerospace industry, our law firm provides comprehensive legal services that address the rapidly evolving challenges of these sectors. We handle matters related to aviation regulations, industrial contracts, insurance, equipment leasing, as well as legal aspects concerning safety and environmental protection.

Our expertise also extends to the space sector, where we assist in issues related to space exploration, satellites, telecommunications regulations, and space law. Our work revolves around understanding clients’ business objectives and delivering practical legal solutions to help them achieve these goals.

We strive to establish long-lasting relationships built on trust, ensuring that our service is always of the highest quality.

  • Legal Advisory on Aviation Regulations: We provide comprehensive legal advisory on aviation regulations, both domestic and international. We assist clients in the aviation industry in understanding and complying with flight safety regulations, certification, aircraft registration, and other regulatory aspects.
  • Contracts and Negotiations: We draft and negotiate contracts in the aviation industry, such as aircraft leasing agreements, aircraft purchase agreements, service agreements, joint venture agreements, and other contracts related to aviation operations. We offer legal support in the negotiation process and contract analysis.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: We advise clients on protecting intellectual property rights in the aviation industry, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. We assist in registering and protecting intellectual property rights, as well as resolving legal disputes related to infringement of these rights.
  • Compliance and Antitrust Regulations: We provide support in compliance with antitrust laws and competition regulations in the aviation industry. We offer advice on codeshare agreements, interline cooperation, concentration control, and other competition-related matters in the aviation sector.
  • Disputes and Arbitration: We represent clients in disputes related to aviation and aerospace. We also offer arbitration services as an effective method of dispute resolution in the aviation industry. Our experience allows us to effectively defend our clients’ interests and achieve positive outcomes.