Representation of Celebrities

Our legal group offers specialized legal services for celebrities and other public figures. We understand that managing public image requires not only tact but also professional legal protection. With our experience in media law, copyright law, image rights, and contract law, we are well-equipped to effectively safeguard the rights and interests of our clients.

We provide advice and representation in contract negotiations, both domestically and internationally. We assist in privacy protection and defamation disputes and provide guidance on licensing and commercializing image rights. Our approach is always discreet and tailored, aiming to understand each client’s unique needs and deliver services of the highest quality.

Our mission is to enable our clients to focus on their passions while we take care of their legal interests.

  • Negotiating Advertising Contracts: We represent celebrities in negotiations of advertising contracts, including sponsorship agreements, promotional deals, brand collaborations, and other agreements involving the use of the celebrity’s image for marketing purposes.
  • Protection of Copyright: We provide support in protecting the copyright of celebrities, including cases of copyright infringement by third parties. We assist in filing claims for compensation and other measures to protect copyright.
  • Drafting Artistic Agreements: We prepare artistic agreements for celebrities, such as contracts for artistic performances, film appearances, music recording agreements, and other contracts related to the celebrity’s artistic endeavors.
  • Privacy and Image Protection: We offer support in safeguarding the privacy and image of celebrities. We advise on cases of privacy breaches, cyberbullying, image infringements, and other incidents that could impact the celebrity’s reputation.
  • Complaints and Disputes: We represent celebrities in disputes and complaints related to media activities, including cases of privacy invasion, defamation, copyright infringement, advertising contract disputes, and other legal matters associated with the celebrity’s work.