Unfair Competition

In our legal group, we focus on providing our clients with the highest level of protection against unethical competitive practices. We handle cases related to consumer rights violations, deceptive advertising, breach of trade secrets, as well as counterfeiting and imitation of products or services.

We assist our clients in identifying, preventing, and responding to such practices, as well as seeking compensation and remedies in case of their occurrence. We also conduct training sessions for companies to understand and avoid potential issues related to unfair competition.

Our approach combines solid legal knowledge, industry experience, and strategic thinking, allowing us to effectively safeguard and promote our clients’ interests in a competitive market.

  • Analysis of Competitive Practices: We conduct an analysis of competitive actions to identify unfair practices, such as trade secret violations, consumer deception, unauthorized use of trademarks, and more.
  • Protection Against Unfair Competition: We provide clients with advice on protecting against unfair competition. We assist in developing appropriate strategies and procedures that prevent unfair competitive practices and help pursue claims in case of infringement.
  • Enforcement of Violation Claims: We represent clients in enforcing claims arising from violations of fair competition principles. We act on behalf of the client, taking legal actions to ensure the protection of their interests and the pursuit of compensation or remedies.
  • Preparation of Agreements and Documents: We assist clients in preparing agreements and documents to safeguard against unfair competition. We draft confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and other documents that protect sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure or use by competitors.