Alternative Dispute Resolution

Recognizing the costliness and time-consuming nature of traditional litigation, we strive to find efficient, solution-oriented alternatives. Our team of specialists has experience in various dispute resolution methods, including mediation, negotiations, and arbitration.

We provide professional guidance and support at every stage of the process, helping our clients achieve satisfactory outcomes without the need for complex court proceedings. We value our clients’ privacy, ensuring confidentiality throughout the entire process.

We firmly believe that a properly conducted alternative dispute resolution can bring benefits to all parties involved in the conflict.

  • Mediation: We provide professional mediation services, employing skilled mediators who assist parties in constructively resolving disputes. We facilitate the communication and negotiation process between parties to reach an agreement and find a solution satisfying both sides.
  • Negotiations: We represent clients in negotiation processes, aiming to reach an agreement and resolve the dispute through negotiation. We assist in setting goals, preparing negotiation strategies, and representing the client’s interests.
  • Arbitration: We offer arbitration services, where disputes are resolved by an independent and impartial arbitrator. We provide support throughout the arbitration process, from selecting the arbitrator to issuing the final decision.
  • Online Mediation: We also provide online mediation services, enabling parties to participate in the mediation process from any location. We utilize advanced communication tools to facilitate effective remote mediation.
  • Consultation on Alternative Dispute Resolution: We offer clients advice on various alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, negotiations, and arbitration. We assist in selecting the most appropriate method considering individual client needs and goals.